Journal Entry 157

It was a long cold winter. I kept Cain a secret and I prayed for spring. Each time I went to Cain I told myself I was never going back no matter how hungry I was. The kids of Bear Country continued with our daily food hunting excursions but kept coming up empty handed. After several days without eating I had no choice but to return to Cain. He was the only source of food I knew about. Each time I knocked on his door he would smile and invite me in. The cost of food kept rising. I was forced to do more and more awful things. Cain had a short temper and his friends weren’t any better. If I refused a request I was beaten and pushed out into the cold with only half the food I was promised or none at all. I explained my bruises by telling my friends someone attacked me on the street.

My nightmare ended when the snow melted and the agriculture club moved into Bear Country. Shortly after the last time I knocked on Cain’s door I heard a rumor that he was killed in a freak accident when he tripped and fell in front of a truck. Cain had more enemies than he had friends. I guess the rumor was false.

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