Journal Entry 16

Dear World

I met with several of the other community leaders that are allies with Bear Country today. We discussed what to do about Central. For the most part the meeting was civil. It got loud a couple times. Everyone had their own idea how to get rid of our problem but we all agreed that Central needs to be pushed out of the area. It was brought up in the meeting that several boys have suspiciously disappeared from the surrounding area. Word on the street is that Central has taken the boys and is using them in warm up rounds of the cage fights.

After the meeting , I went to see Tony to let him know what I had discovered at the meeting. At first, Tony didn’t want to talk to me. He actually thru a wrench in my direction. It missed me by a long shot. I made him listen. I told him about the missing boys and how The Runt might be at the Central Campus. I also told Tony about the plan to get someone inside Central as a spy.


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