Journal Entry 161

Life is quiet around Bear Country. Matt, Hemy and the rest of the Central Bobcats have moved back to the Central Campus. They actually left right after the cobra defeat but I forgot to mention it in my journal. Hemy was so happy to go back home. Matt has decided to join her there. Matt has totally moved out of Bear Country for the second time. Matt and Hemy will be missed but I am glad they are finally getting to start a life together in peace and without distraction. I think Jonas might be a little jealous of his brother. He has not managed to find that one significant other. Although in the eyes of several of the boys and men around here he has a very enviable life. He has no shortage of girls at his door step.

My life is a bit more complicated. I have been splitting my time between Yates and Tony. I have been trying to sort out my feelings for the both of them. Currently they are both running neck and neck. Both Yates and Tony are excellent kissers and they are both so sweet. I am running out of time. Yates expects an answer soon. I think Tony is just hanging out for my answer. Both of them have been for the most part perfect gentlemen. Yates and Tony don’t talk to each other; at least if they have talked to each other I don’t know about it. I have seen the both of them give each other the occasional glance. It was a “have a good day glance” not an “I’m going to kill you later glance”. I am so confused. I think I remember my fairy tales pretty well. This is not how any of the stories were told. What ever happened to dueling and fighting to the death? I don’t want anyone hurt but it would be nice to have a little friction between the two of them. Maybe if I am lucky one of them will turn evil. Of course, he won’t be really evil, just misunderstood. I’m sure one of them has a deep dark secret he’s trying to hide. I could find out about it and feel sorry for him. I need something to make my decision easier. Do I go to Ft Shasta or do I stay in Bear country?

The library trio stopped by my room today between my dates with Yates and Tony. The grape vine is once again active in Bear Country. Everyone must know my dilemma by now. Gretchen and Cecelia brought me a book on relationships. They wanted to know if I needed any advice. I thought of asking how they handled their specific living arrangements but changed my mind before I asked. I don’t think I am willing to maintain two boyfriends at the same time. By the way, I still haven’t asked but I am certain Gretchen and Cecelia are both pregnant. Go Marty!!

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