Journal Entry 17

Dear World,

Tony stopped by my room last night. He said he wanted to help with the mission. I think we are on the mend. I don’t think he has forgiven me yet but one day, he will.

Me, Tony, Matt and Jonas went to sneak around the Central Campus and gather info. There was a lot of activity around the school, in spite of it being only 1am. As were were sneaking around we stumbled across unlocked door. It was propped open by a rock. Accidentally or on purpose, I don’t know.

My gut said, “don’t enter” but the guys didn’t agree.

The classrooms were empty. They didn’t look used. Which is really weird. I don’t think there is one place in Bear Country not occupied or being used for something.

Feeling uncomfortable with our ease of entry I suggested we take the info we had gathered about the school and go home. I really didn’t want to get caught.

Our next step is to get someone into Central. A spy.


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