Journal Entry 18

Dear World,

Matt and Jonas fought at the plaza today. It was awful. I am not sure who was injured the most. They both had bloody lips, cuts and bruises. Last night, we discussed making the fight look as real as possible. The boys took it to the next level, I wasn’t expecting the brutality they threw at each other.

It didn’t take long for a crowd to form. People quickly took sides. A couple of Central Goons watched with interest. The fight ended as Matt pinned Jonas to the pavement. Some words were exchanged that I would rather not repeat. Then Matt released Jonas and stood up. Jonas struggled to his feet. He yelled at his brother that they were no longer brothers. I wanted to cry. It felt so real.

After the show, the crowd dispersed as quickly as it formed. The Central Goons approached Matt. I wasn’t close enough to hear what was said but Matt left with the enemy. He dropped his handkerchief to let us know all was well.


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