Journal Entry 19

Dear World,

Matt has been inside Central for a couple of days. I hope he hasn’t done anything stupid, he can be a bit of a hothead. Matt and Jonas are our two best fighters in Bear Country. They chose who would win and loose the fight at the plaza. Tony also fights well but he is still recovering from injuries and wasn’t an option for the mission inside Central.

I was hoping we would have a note from Matt by now. The runner we sent out came back empty handed yesterday and today. This is worrisome. Matt either can’t get a note to us or he is unable.

Jonas has spent most of the last couple of days working out in the gym. I know he is anxious about his brother. We are all anxious. The wait is killing me, but we can’t do anything until Matt gives us intel.

I am undating our allies tonight on our progress. I am disappointed I have nothing to report. More than one person will not be happy at the meeting.


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