Journal Entry 2

Dear World,

The Runt is a pain in my ass. He has woken us up, on several occasions, in the middle of the night, for an emergency that was a lie. So this morning when he woke all of us up again. I had a moment of doubt about the truth of the situation. I was ready to string the boy up for his annoying behavior, I grabbed his arm and I squeezed as hard as I could, “What is your problem?? I told you the last time, if you did this again, you are out!!… and I will personally throw you into the street!!”

The Runt had actual tears which honestly surprised me, “I’m not lying! the boy cried , “Central beat up Tony and took our fuel!!”

After determining the boy wasn’t lying, I had Pete send out a security team to look for intruders. I ordered everyone else to stay in their rooms.

Matt, Jonas and I went to the basement. Tony was leaning against the far wall when we entered his room. He was a Bloody mess.


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