Journal Entry 27

Dear World,

I don’t know if Xavier was expecting guests but he didn’t really look surprised when we entered the gym. He had a sort of, “Welcome to the festivities” grin on his face. It was a bit unnerving. There was a sharp pain in my stomach as I announced that we were demanding he leave Central with his goons.

The room went silent. Xavier let me speak. I felt my face turning beet red. Xavier stood up from his chair and smiled as he suggested we leave or die slow agonizing deaths in the cage. He motioned for his goons in the gym to surround us.

We had subdued the outside goons before making our entrance. I nodded at Matt and then stared Xavier in the eyes. “I didn’t bring just a few of my friends. I rallied the community!” It was then the outside doors opened and in rushed my allies.


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