Journal Entry 52

Joshua and I stood there in front of the tribe leader’s tent. I was thinking to myself “Take me to your leader.” Joshua looked, well he looked a little upset. I don’t think he enjoyed our little indoctrination.

We only stood there a moment when Father himself stepped out of the tent. He was quiet and calm. I hate it when people pretend like they are at peace with the world. (I need to remind myself not to role my eyes at people when I find them annoying. ) Father asked if he could help us with anything. Before I had the chance to answer Joshua poked his gun into Father’s nose. This time I was annoyed with Joshua because you can’t just poke guns into people’s noses and expect them to cooperate. I told Joshua to put his gun away. He ignored me. I demanded he put his gun away. Father said in a calm voice “We are a peaceful tribe. We are not here to cause trouble.” He asked Joshua to put his gun away and invited us into his tent. Joshua complied with the request but you could see that he was not happy with having to put his gun back into it’s holster.

It was a nice tent. I won’t go into details about the whole conversation. Joshua accused and Father denied. I tried to stay neutral and keep Joshua from displaying violent tendencies and I tried not to roll my eyes too many times. Father assured us that his tribe had nothing to do with the cattle disturbances. I am not sure I believe him and I am certain that Joshua doesn’t believe him.

We said our good byes and left. Joshua said almost nothing the whole way back to Bear Country. He plans to watch THE TRIBE tribe members closely. I plan to have my people watch them also. I don’t trust this new tribe leader in town. There is something about him that disturbs me. Besides the annoying calm demeanor, there is something I don’t like. He looks so innocent, like the boy next door but I am thinking I shouldn’t turn my back on him.

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