Journal Entry 59

I went to check on the progress that Pete, Jonas and Joshua were having at the jail. I wanted to see if hunger had given the raider a reason to talk. I was shocked at what I saw at the jail. it was a definite eye raising moment. The jail was a disaster, broken furniture, and broken windows. A couple of Pete’s deputies were recovering on the floor. The raider was gone. The jail reminded me of a western movie I had seen once when I was young. Pete was angry his deputies were injured and he was a little ticked off that the raider escaped. Joshua was spiting fire. He was passed angry. I walked in the jail just as he threw a broken chair against a wall breaking it to even smaller pieces. Jonas was outside trying to see if anyone that was passing by might have seen what happened.

Father and a couple of his tribe members (The Heroes of the Earth Tribe) picked a bad time to walk by the jail. Joshua flew out of the jail the moment Father came into view. This was the second time I had seen Joshua put a gun into Father’s face. Joshua demanded the raiders return. Father denied his tribe had anything to do with the raiders. Things were a little crazy for a few minutes. I think I was holding my breath the entire time. Pete made Joshua put his gun away. Joshua made a threat to Father. He said that if any Heroes of the Earth Tribe members came anywhere near the Spurs campsite or the cattle grazing there, Father was a dead man. Then Joshua revised what he had said and said that if any Heroes of the Earth Tribe members are spotted anywhere near the Spurs Campsite they would be shot. No questions asked.

Pete sent Father and his tribe members on their way. Joshua went in the other direction toward his own tribe. I tried to follow him but he wasn’t interested in hearing anything I had to say. Technically, there isn’t any proof that the raiders and the Heroes of the Earth tribe have been working together. I have my doubts.

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