Journal Entry 60

Aleece is sleeping so peacefully. We had a good day. We went for a walk around bear country. I pointed out all the significant places. I gave her a little history lesson about where she is from. I told her what happened in the past. How life changed. I told her that she is our future. (She didn’t look like she was retaining any of the information. We will have to have this lesson again someday.)

The heroes of the Earth Tribe have taken down their tents I guess they are preparing to leave Bear Country. I can’t say that I am sad that they are going. I thought of taking Aleece out to the Spurs Campsite but I changed my mind. When I saw Joshua last he was in a horrible mood. I think I will give him a couple of days to calm down. Get his sanity back.

The walk was nice. It was a beautiful day today. I think Aleece likes being out in the sunshine. She is growing so fast. Her mom Casey is going to be so surprised when she sees her. I can’t help but wonder where Casey is. I didn’t think she would be gone this long. Maybe she was having more emotional difficulty than I realized. Aleece is safe with me but she needs her Mom. I wonder how Casey is going to tell Aleece who her father is….was. I am hoping I don’t have to tell Aleece who both her parents were.

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