Journal Entry 62

It must be an awful feeling to feel like you don’t belong. Emily is trying to settling in to her room. She looks sad and lonely. I heard from a credible source today that not everyone from The Heroes of the Earth Tribe have left Bear Country. A couple of tribe members were spotted snooping around town. I have a feeling they are looking for Emily. I told her it would be a good idea if she stayed indoors until her tribe was completely gone. Emily agreed and she has decided to change her hair color so that she doesn’t stand out in the crowd. Emily still hasn’t revealed her reason for wanting to leave her tribe. I am a little curious but have decided not to ask.

I have seen more kissing couples than I need to see in any one day. Couples are everywhere. People were making out in the admin hallway, the gym, the theater and the teacher’s lounge. Frankly, it is annoying. I don’t have anything against kissing but could these people get a room. I even ran across Jonas and Lisa kissing. I didn’t even know they were a couple. I guess I’ll go play a game of solitaire.

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