Journal Entry 63

It’s a cloudy day and the temperature has significantly dropped from yesterday. I hate cloudy days. Joshua just left. He dropped by to apologize and to left me know there haven’t been any more raids on his cattle. He is worried about the weather and has decided to temporarily move his cattle to a safer location just in case the weather turns bad. He was in a rush.

Emily dropped by my room to see Aleece. I think she wants to be my friend. I would like to be hers. Although, I have already started our relationship with a lie. I have been trying to figure out the best way to tell her that Aleece isn’t mine without sounding childish. The day at the park I was pretending Aleece is mine because I honestly didn’t think I would ever see Emily again. I thought our meeting was just something that happened. Remember how I said that Lost barked at Father. She doesn’t bark at Emily. I think Lost likes her.

The wind is picking up. It’s looks so gloomy outside. I hate bad weather. This building was built as a storm shelter and people around Bear Country know to come here if things get real bad. I hope that opening our doors to the local tribes isn’t necessary because the last time we had a bad storm it lasted for several days. People get cranky when they become cooped up and food always becomes an issue because no one remembers to bring any. The residents of Bear Country begin to get cranky and irritable when the guest staying with us don’t follow the rules.

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