Journal Entry 64

Wind and rain. It’s been like this all day. The wind has begun to toss things around. Every once in a while I see things blow by my window. Pete said people have begun to arrive in Bear Country. He and his deputies are putting people in the spare classrooms. No one likes storms. I don’t like storms. They have always frightened me.

Matt and Hemy left for Central a little while ago. It’s a long walk when the weather is bad. They are going to sit thru the storm there. I tried to convince them to stay here but Hemy feels as if she needs to be with her tribe in a time like this. It actually makes sense because she is their leader. But the weather is so awful they are going to be soaked to the bone by the time they get there.

Joshua brought most of his tribe members here. They are taking up residence in the band room.

Tony said the news from the west is bad. He has been talking to people in Saundersville and a couple of other places over the Ham radio. The storm coming our way is deadly. I moved Aleece and I into one of the inner classrooms were there aren’t any windows. With any luck the storm moving our way will die down and only last a little longer.

Jonas and Lisa are on kitchen detail. I don’t want the other tribes raiding our food stores. I don’t mind sharing but I would prefer that those tribes that are temporarily staying in Bear Country eat their own food before they decide to eat ours.

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