Journal Entry 65

Pete said that if he has to break up one more skirmish between rival tribes. He and his deputies are going to start throwing people out into the storm. Marty, Gretchen and Cecelia have set out games in the pavilion to help keep people occupied and their minds off of the storm. I believe they have tournaments going in checkers, spades, boggle and Yahtzee. So far everyone is playing nicely. The library trio thought of putting up the dartboard but darts are pointy objects that sometimes get thrown at people. We made that mistake during the last storm.

Lisa and a few other musicians have put together a sing a long near the cafeteria. I just heard a lovely rendition of Koom by yah(I have no idea how to spell that) . For a few moments I could picture about thirty flowerchildren swaying back and forth.

All the muscle dudes are in the gym. Pete had to put a couple of deputies down there to keep things under control. These guys are always having arguments. It’s kind of funny but if an argument does break out. Pete’s deputies aren’t going to be able to help much. I have seen all of Pete’s deputies and none of them have much muscle. I am hoping the threat of being sent out into the storm will keep their tempers in check.

The storm continues to rage outside. It doesn’t look like it is letting up any. Emily has been watching Aleece for me so that I can keep an eye on things inside Bear Country. I think she likes playing mom and Aleece seems to like her. I told Emily that Aleece wasn’t mine that I was taking care of her while her mom Casey was gone. She didn’t seem to mind that I lied before.

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