Journal Entry 66

Most of Bear Country is asleep except for the few people left playing spades. Tony stopped by to see how Aleece and I were doing. It was so sweet. He reminded me to stay away from the windows and to keep a blanket spread out over the top of Aleece’s cradle in case a window breaks and junk flies thru the air. I’m wishing I could sleep. The storms continue to build in intensity. I hate it when there is a lightning strike and the thunder feels as if it is directly overhead. Every time it thunders my eyes open wide. I actually like the rain but I hate storms. I keep telling myself to ignore it but it’s not helping. Aleece doesn’t seem to be bothered by the storm at all. She has been sleeping soundly for a couple of hours. It must be nice to be a baby with no worries.

Earlier in the evening it started to hail outside. Some of the younger kids went out to grab some hail stones and just about the time they got out to the center of the yard it started to hail bigger stones. They came back in with some nice size lumps on their heads. No one was injured too badly but those hail stones were the size of large marbles. I don’t know why they went out to the center of the yard when I am sure there were hail stones closer to the building. I hope this was a lesson learned.

Tony and Jonas have been placing oil lamps around the school so that people can see where they are going in the night. It would be a tragedy if something bad happened and people didn’t know how to get out of the building. Then again, if you can’t see were you are going in the dark, you can’t get into trouble.

Considering the number of people that are currently inside this school. It has not been a bad evening. There were a couple of disputes between tribes but those problems were easily settled once Pete and his deputies told the people involved that they would have to leave if they didn’t make peace.

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