Journal Entry 68

The storm continues. Water is seeping in around the doors. There is an ocean out the front door of Bear Country. If the rain continues for much longer, we are going to have to start moving people up to the second floor of the school. I dread the clean-up. The same thing happened during the last storm. We probably should think about building a wall to hold back the water once everything dries out.

People are getting restless. Everyone is getting bored with games. Lisa and her band were boo’d the last time they set up to play. The trouble with boredom is that people start looking for other things to do to keep themselves entertained. This usually results in trouble especially among the younger children. I am trying my best to remain calm but after a while you start to wish the guest staying in your home would leave and never come back.
There really isn’t a lot to tell. No invasions, no mysteries to solve, no horrible crimes to report. Just a bunch of people laying around, twiddling their thumbs.

Tony and Scat are in the basement building something. Some electronic gadget.

Pete and his deputies are keeping the peace. I actually think they are the only people currently doing anything productive.

Joshua and his tribe are keeping quiet in the band room. I haven’t seen much of any of them.

Lost is in heaven. She loves to be petted. The younger children are keeping her entertained or rather she is keeping them entertained.

The library trio have locked themselves in the media center. I think they have had enough interaction with our visitors.

Jonas, where is Jonas? I have my suspicions. He is probably or rather most certainly in the company of a girl.

Emily is currently watching Aleece while I write in this journal.

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