Journal Entry 7

Dear World,

The Runt is missing. We couldn’t find him anywhere this morning. I knew something was wrong when he didn’t come bother me for breakfast.

I had a talked with the boy last night about how Tony needed more than medicine if he was going to survive. I tried to explain that medicine just wasn’t available on the market. He kept insisting we weren’t doing enough to save Tony.

Lisa took over sitting with Tony around 4am. She said the Runt was upset Tony might die and left in a hurry.

If I had thought medicine was available, I would have been the first to go and find it. The pharmacies were emptied out long ago. People sometime sell medicine at the plaza but I wouldn’t haggle, barter or trade for any of their poisons. I have heard rumors of people dying slow horrible deaths after ingesting one of the cures.

Matt and Jonas volunteered to go and look for the boy. I would have gone but I have things that need my attention here.


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