Journal Entry 70

Tony dropped by to see me. He stood in my doorway for a few moments. I was sitting in the rocker playing with Aleece. Sort of ignoring that he was standing there. I think I was waiting for Tony to say something first. He finally said something like “So how are things going today?” I did the eye roll thing and said “Life is fine.” I don’t think he believed me. I’m not sure I believe me. I continued to play with Aleece, hoping he would just go away. Tony came all the way in my room. He sat on the couch. I did more eye rolling. “What do you want?” I asked. Tony innocently said he wanted nothing. He just wanted to know if Aleece and I wanted to go to the park for lunch. I calmly said that the park was still too wet from the storm. He had an alternative plan. He invited us to the Arcade. I tried to say no but he insisted. I bundled up Aleece and we went to the Arcade.

The arcade was fun. Hyatt was as polite and nice as he was the last time we stepped into his establishment. I was glad to see that his business wasn’t hurt by the storm. I spent the next few hours trying to avoid a serious conversation with Tony. I know he wanted to talk to me about recent events. I did everything I could to avoid discussing the issues. Tony finally got tired of chasing me around. He cornered me and drug me outside to a bench.

The first thing I said was that I didn’t think Casey was coming back. The responsibility was overwhelming me. Tony said it was OK. He’d help. He said Casey would be back. I am not sure if he really believed that or if he was just trying to make me feel better. Our conversation continued about a lot of other things. We even discussed my role as Tribe leader. I have been tribe leader from the beginning but lately I have wondered if maybe I should step down and let someone else take over. Tony listened carefully to everything I had to say and he was very sympathetic. I cried all over his shirt. Only good friends let you do that. Our conversation ended when I heard Aleece crying inside of the Arcade. Hyatt was doing his best to calm her down. She was just hungry.

The walk home was a quiet one but I felt better. Tony said he would watch over Aleece for the rest of the evening and give her back to me in the morning. I didn’t object.

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