Journal Entry 71

Just east of Bear Country is Brighton’s Mountain and on that mountain is an old resort my family used to visit when I was a child. It used to be a pretty popular place especially in the winter when it snowed. I remember having so much fun up there. In the summer my parents would rent one of the cabins and we would stay for a week and go fishing. My Dad spent his, time baiting the hooks and trying to keep me from falling off the edge into the water. I miss those times.

Tony, Pete and Jonas are currently out getting a truck and enough gas to get us there and back. I’m almost finished with my packing. I left a message with a couple of people and on the bulletin board for Casey in case she returns before we get back. Bear Country will be in good hands.

In a couple of hours, I leave my worries behind for two weeks. I won’t be alone. The list of people going on this little vacation includes: Me, Aleece, Tony, Scat, Pete, Jonas, Lisa, Matt, Hemy, Joshua, his sister Kate and Emily.

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