Journal Entry 79

The unexpected sometimes happens. I woke with a tremendous headache. I hurt so bad sitting up was a challenge. Lisa, Hemy, Kate and Emily were lying in various position on the cell floor. There was a window in our cell. I couldn’t tell what time is was but the sun was just barely starting to rise. I crawled over to the girls and tried to get them to wake up. They responded in various ways. Emily must have been feeling as bad as I was because she puked all over the floor the moment she sat up. It was all I could do to not follow suit. My first verbal thought was “What the Hell happened?” Then there was a sudden panic when I realized that the guys and Aleece weren’t with us. I started yelling for anyone that was on the other side of the bars but no one came. I tried shaking the bars, and kicking the bars to get someone’s attention but the activity made my head hurt worse. I fell back down onto the floor. For a moment, I even considered that this whole thing was some awful nightmare brought on by bad fish eaten after the wedding ceremony. I knew I wasn’t dreaming when Lisa asked if she was.

The girls and I tried to piece together what happened. I vaguely remember being jolted awake by the feeling of being smothered. It was the same for Kate and Emily. Hemy said she and Matt were sleeping when several dark figures entered their room. She said she didn’t get a good look at anyone because before she could react someone was placing a rag on her mouth and nose.

We are stuck in this cell. I am hoping not for long. With any luck the guys will have been able to escape our attackers and they are at this moment planning our rescue.

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