Journal Entry 8

Last night, I sat with Tony. I think his color is starting to return to normal. He is no longer a shade of death gray and his fever is gone. Day before yesterday, I would have bet he wasn’t going to make it. I am more optimistic and the Library Trio agrees with my assessment that Tony will make a full recovery.

As I walked toward my room for a couple hours of sleep, I saw Casey sprinting down the hall with her enormous naked pregnant belly leading the way; her shirt too small to cover the basketball sized bump. It was cuteness.

The circumstances of how Casey ended up in her pickle are unknown but predators are everywhere and they prey on the young and weak.

 As Casey waddled by my room, I asked how she was feeling. 

Casey replied, “I’m fine, gotta pee.”

I stepped into my room, kicked the door closed behind me, tossed my diary on the table and fell onto my awaiting bed.


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