Journal Entry 81

It has been a long and interesting day. It was midday before our buyers appeared. I felt like a dog in the pound being looked over from every angle by a prospective owner. Luckily, we were all deemed acceptable. I only say the word “luckily” because if the guys are alive and if they are making plans to rescue us it would be better if we were all together in the same place.

We are all decent looking women and I have to admit that Lisa is cute. Two of the men that arrived to retrieve us wanted to take Lisa as their wife. There was a couple of minutes of “I saw her first” and “why do you get first choice” issues but they were solved with a round of rock, paper, scissors. I hate that game. If I had been Lisa, I would have been very offended that the two men fighting over me didn’t participate in an actual dual to the death, with a knight in shining armor, and the victor gets the girl challenge. < —That statement is actually kind of funny because Lisa’s new husband is named “Victor.”

I didn’t get that kind of drama. I got “I’ll take that one over there.” There is something insulting about being chosen last even in a situation like this. If Yates had known I was about to cost him more than he had bargained for he would have chosen one of the other wives. My new husband didn’t seem as excited about this whole “I’m getting a new wife thing” as the other men. My first thought was “great, I get the moody, cranky one.”

I waited until we were paid for and released from cell before I pleaded and begged Yates to pay for Aleece. There was a brief moment when I thought I might not get her back. Mathias said he had already promised the Shakers that they could have Aleece but I think he was just trying to get Yates to pay more for her. A couple of tears and a please and Aleece was mine again. I cried more the moment she was handed back to me.

The trip to our new home lasted a couple of hours. I think we headed west but I’m not sure. We spent the entire time in the back of a truck with no windows. Our new home looks like a military installation surrounded by mountains on all sides. I’m thinking that there is only one way in and one way out. We must have passed thru a tunnel toward the end of our journey because there was several minutes of darkness and then it got light again. I want to go home but it is looking like escaping from here is going to be a difficult challenge.

Yates has actually been very kind. Our new home is small but comfortable.

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