Journal Entry 82

Yates gave Aleece and I a tour of Fort Shasta. Fort Shasta was a secret military base back before the virus. Yates and several of the people that live on this base are the children of former soldiers that worked here. Yates’ father was a Colonel and a communications officer. This is a very clean, very well-maintained base. The population is bigger than I imagined and it is true that there aren’t many women around. Yates said everyone here is expected to work. He said it would be a couple of days before he could find me a suitable occupation.

I will have more freedom than I expected. Yates said I can go anywhere I liked on the base but I would have to stay away from the areas that are marked for soldiers only. Unless of course I decided to enlist in the army then I would have access to some of the other places. Curiosity was killing me, with all this freedom what was keeping me here? I suppose I wasn’t surprised by the answer Yates gave me. He said there wasn’t any place to go. This is a secret military base. There is only one way in and one way out. The entrance is guarded by armed soldiers. He said I could try and go over the mountains but he wouldn’t recommend it. The mountains are extremely steep and there is an electric fence around the entire perimeter. He said if I managed to make it up the mountain and over the fence I would have to worry about wild animals. This area has mountain lions, bears and other wild critters that would love to make a meal of me. I don’t even know which direction would lead me home to bear country.

The end of our tour ended at a very colorful building with ducks and rabbits and other cartoon characters painted on the sides. Before we walked inside Yates said he didn’t bring me here to Fort Shasta to be his sex slave. I breathed a sigh of relief. I spent all night thinking of excuses I could use to avoid sex. He said he brought me here to be a mom to his two-year-old son. His wife died last year from pneumonia. He said he loved his wife and didn’t expect me to fill her shoes. Yates sister was taking care of the boy but she is now unavailable. I was going to ask why she is unavailable but decided against it. Sometimes I think there is a higher power out there laughing at me trying to see how complicated he or she can make my life. I now have the responsibility of caring for two children that aren’t my own. Yates son David is adorable and he was so glad to see his Dad when we walked into the building.

The four of us walked back home.

I have not seen the other girls since my arrival. I am hoping their stay at Fort Shasta has been as pleasant as mine. Yates said he would locate their quarters for me so that I could visit my friends but he cautioned about breaking any rules or trying to escape.

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