Journal Entry 83

I should be thankful that I am in the situation I am in. I could have been sold to the scum of the earth. Yates for the most part has been a gentleman. He is a good father. He is second in command on this base and he looks good in a uniform. So far, the only thing I can hold against him is that he bought me from a slave trader.

One of my friends has not been so lucky. Hemy is currently being held in custody for beating up her new husband. I guess he wasn’t a gentleman. Yates said she beat him up pretty badly. I’m not surprised. I asked if I could go and visit her. Yates said he would try and arrange for that to happen later today.

I met with Lisa, Emily and Kate at the preschool. It was good to see them. They are doing fine considering their circumstances. Lisa and Kate look a little depressed but Emily seems happy. I think she likes her new husband. I passed on the information about Hemy. We all had a good laugh and then the conversation turned serious. The topic of our conversation was mainly about Bear Country and getting home.

Bear Country does not compare to this base. They have things here that we could only dream about. If I wasn’t home sick and if I didn’t have responsibilities to Bear Country, I could almost call this place home. I am making the best of my current situation but I need to go home. I want to go back to the life I was living. I want to see my friends, all of my friends. I continue to hope that Matt, Jonas, Pete, Joshua, Tony and Scat are all alive and well.

I am patiently waiting for Yates to return from his meeting with the Base Commander. He went there to discuss some issue about his sister. I am curious. What issue?

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