Journal Entry 86

Yates kept his word. My time at Fort Shasta is ending. Tomorrow we go home to Bear Country. I miss my home and my friends. I miss my room in the admin hallway. I miss my life as tribe leader. I thought I needed a break from being tribe leader, from the responsibility. So, I went on a little vacation with some of my closest friends. The vacation didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. I was expecting two weeks of relaxation and a little time to be myself. No responsibilities, no worries, except for my responsibility to Aleece. Sometimes life gives you a little lesson. I have learned a great deal from this experience. I learned that I am stronger than I realized. I will no longer take my life for granted.

This morning at the parade grounds a ceremony was held formally making Yates the new General and tribe Leader of Fort Shasta. I think he will make a good leader. Even if he did read my journal without asking. I think that reading my story gave Yates a deep appreciation for who I am. Its funny but I usually keep my journal close to me. I don’t know why I left it on the table.

General Yates and his officers are going to discuss making Fort Shasta open to the public. This will help decrease the shortage of women. He is making purchasing wives from the slave traders illegal. I think this is a wise decision.

Hemy is out of jail and can’t wait to get back home to Matt. She didn’t have much of a honeymoon. This could explain her crankyness and irritability. Please note that she is the only one of us that ended up in jail.

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