Bear Country HS – The Meeting

“Thanks for coming! Madie said as she welcomed everyone to the meeting.

“I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I only have a couple of things on the agenda today. The Central Bobcats have taken our winter fuel. We need to replace what we’ve lost. I’m looking for volunteers. I need three or four people to travel to Wolf Valley. “

In a display of “I am king of the warriors”, Matt interrupts the meeting by jumping on top of a center table. “Why travel all the way to Wolf Valley? We know where our fuel is. The Bobcats have it.” He raised a fist into the air. “Let’s take back what’s ours!”

The calm silent room broke into cheers of “Fight!. .Fight!.. FIGHT!”

“Wait!. Stop!.. QUIET!” Madie yelled.

“Who hasn’t seen what the Bobcats did to Tony? He’s one of our best fighters and the Bobcats almost turned him into hamburger. Most of us in this room couldn’t fight our way out of a paper bag! You’re all idiots with a death wish! Every one of the Bobcats are twice the size of our biggest man.”

Madie took a deep breath. Her face was on fire. “I know everyone wants to pummel Central and take back what’s ours. I want that too! However, we are not strong enough. Sheriff Kincaid stopped by for a visit. He promised me he would take care of the Central Bobcats.”

Jonas stepped forward in support of his brother. “What’s Kincaid going to do? Slap the Hulk on the hand and say play nice with others?”

Everyone in the room laughed.

Madie quieted the room. “I don’t know what Kincaid’s plans are. He didn’t say but risking the lives of everyone in this school is stupid. We don’t need to fight the Central Bobcats. We can travel to Wolf valley and replace the fuel.”

Marty spoke up “Wolf Valley is nearly 8 miles from here; longer, if we travel around the Red Hyena territory instead of going through it. “

“Look, I know it’s a pain and inconvenient.” Madie jumped up on the table next to Matt. “If it was any other tribe or gang I would say, “Let’s fight and take back what’s ours.”

Why don’t we fight?” Matt said in reply.

“Because…if we fight one or more of us will die. I don’t want to die. Do you want to die, Matthew?”

“Why don’t we vote on it?” Cecelia said from across the room.

“Yes, why don’t we vote on it, Madeline?” Matt said in reply.

Madie stepped away from Matt and throw up her hands. “Fine, we’ll vote.” “Everyone who wants to fight the Central Bobcats in a fight to the death raise your hands.”

Matt, Jonas and a few reluctant others raised their hands into the air. JT counted aloud and wrote the number 6 on the black board.

Madie smiled and cleared her throat. “All those in favor of making a trip to Wolf Valley please raise your hands” Madie looked at the sea of hands and smiled at Matt.
“It looks like I am going to need those volunteers.”

Matt, Jonas and a couple of their supporters stormed out of the room. The meeting continued without them.