Journal Entry 1

Dear World,

After a month long search, I finally found a new journal to write in. I found it at the plaza. I paid a hefty price but I desperately needed something to write my thoughts in.

Not a lot to tell, except that things have been quiet for weeks. I am a little bored. Everyone is off doing their own thing. I was hoping maybe I could get someone to play a game of cards, spades perhaps. Its a fun game but no one was interested in playing. I even asked the library trio, Mary, Gretchen and Cecilia. all they do is sit in the media center and read books. I was hoping they could use a diversion from all the books they read. They weren’t interested in playing cards. Marty said they were doing research on an unnamed subject. Apparently, the subject wouldn’t interest me, so they decided I didn’t need to know the details. They quickly, escorted me from the media center and then locked the door.