Journal Entry 29

Dear World,

The community leaders gathered one more time. This time to decide the fate of Xavier and his goons. It was decided that the jail was just not a good place. The jail is typically only used for people who only need to cool off for a day or two. Housing Xavier and his goons for the long haul would require resources and manpower on a daily basis. No one wanted to take on that kind of responsibility.

It was decided Xavier and his goons will be escorted to the edge of town and told never to return. This is the best solution we could come up with. Hopefully, they will change their ways and not victimize anyone else.


Journal Entry 28

Dear World,

Time stopped for a moment as Xavier and I stared at each other. I’m not sure where the fight began in the gym but suddenly it was weapons clashing and people yelling battle cries. Matt did an excellent job of organizing the resistance from the inside. Our little uprising was quite impressive.

The fighting didn’t last that long. I don’t know what I was expecting but things ended with Xavier captured. I’ve been told a few of his goons managed to escape during the fighting. I’m not surprised a few jumped ship.

Injuries on our side ranged from minor to serious but no one was killed. Xavier and the remaining goons were temporarily jailed. The community leaders will decide what to do with them tomorrow.

Everyone that was held captive by Xavier were released from the cages including the Runt.


Journal Entry 26

Dear World,

Today is the day. Anxiety and worry has given me a stomach ache. I did not sleep well. I so wish I could see into the future. We have a game plan. Everyone knows where to be around the Central campus. Our attack will begin as soon as everyone is in the gym. We are to wait for Matt’s signal.

Everyone has agreed to only use force that is necessary to subdue Xavier and his goons. I am keeping my fingers crossed the fight doesn’t escalate into something ugly. Unfortunately, the best of plans don’t allows unfold as expected. I don’t want to see people die, I especially don’t want to see my friends die.


The Bear News

Printed weekly, The Bear News contained feature articles, advertisements, and correspondence from the local gangs. Evan and JT took turns manning the office during the day. Evan thumbed thru papers in the back office looking for a reference for a pending news article when the doorbell chimed indicating a customer had walked into the store. “Can I help you?” he called out as he continued to search for the allusive piece of paper. “I’ll be there in a second. Fill out the form on the desk if you can write.”

Recruiting the strongest men away from the other local gangs would ensure Xavier’s rise to power. Obsessed with building an army he sent two of his goons to the local paper to place an ad.

“Hello, is somebody there?” Evan said as he walked into the front room “Uumm, how can I help you?”

One of the goons handed Evan a piece of paper, “Xavier wants this placed in your newspaper. He also wants posters displayed around town with the same message.”

Evan determined the final content placed in the Bear news. He had no desire to publish a recruitment ad for Xavier for the purpose of building an army of bullies.

“This is something we don’t typically run in our paper and even if we did, it would be very costly to you. I don’t have the resources to print posters. ” Evan handed the paper back to the guard. “Sorry!”

The guard reaches across the counter and grabs Evan by his shirt. “We aren’t payin! And if you don’t put this in your newspaper we will burn the place down with you inside!”

Evan didn’t like being strong armed into doing something he felt strongly against but he also didn’t want to die. “It’s going to take a while to acquire the ink and poster paper needed for this project. Give me a few days. I’ll need to come up with funds and contact my supplier.”

The guard releases Evan causing him to stumble to the floor, “You’ve got 2 days!”

Journal Entry 25

Dear World,

Matt sent word that he has received our plans. He had a few suggestions that might make the take-over a little easier. Xavier has scheduled a massive cage fight tomorrow. Everyone is required to attend except for a few of the guards who will be on guard duty. Having a majority of the people in the gym will make our attack easier.

I am meeting one more time with our allies to discuss our plan of attack. We need to hash out a few things like, who is doing what and where around the school.

Matt has made friends with several people inside the Central campus that do not like the Xavier’s style of leadership. This is good news and hopefully make this fight a little easier. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and that any injuries acquired will be minor. I do not wish to see a bunch of people die.