Central Bobcats – Xavier Games


Hemy sat on the floor next to her brother. Her day had gone horribly wrong. Her undercover operation of feeding the hungry with the Central food storage had been discovered.
Xavier sat on his newly acquired throne, content and thrilled he had accomplished a swift and oh, so easy rise to the top of the food chain. His influence over the local gangs and tribes continued to increase daily.
“Get me fruit!” Xavier demanded as he tossed an empty bowl at one of the girls sitting at his feet.
Sarah acknowledged the request and hurried to the kitchen. She would need to make it back fast. Unpredictable, Xavier was easily irritated and took out his anger on anyone.
“Games, I want games!” Xavier raised his glass into the air encouraging the audience sitting on the bleachers to applaud.
A guard retrieves a boy from a cage of captives and throws him into the fighting arena. Everyone sitting on the bleachers throw insults at the gutter-rat. The tired, hungry and frightened boy begs on his hands and knees. “Please, let me out. I don’t want to die!”
Xavier laughs, “Any bets on how long this puny gutter-rat will last?”
The crowd eager to see blood and gore laughs in response.
The smile on Xavier’s face disappears into a frown, “Send in a hungry dog!”
The boy starts to scream, “Let me out, Let me out!” He attempts to climb the side of the cage. A guard pokes a large stick thru the fence and knocks the boy to the floor.
“Don’t do this! Let the boy go!” Hemy pleads, “Watch your dog fights, or your gladiators but don’t kill the boy to get back at me. I’m sorry, please don’t do this!”
Xavier grabs his younger sister by the wrist. “You’ll stay out of the food storage?”
“Yes, I promise!” Please let the boy out of the cage!”
Xavier waves a hand, “Let the boy out. Use him to spar with later.”
Removed from the fight cage and thrown into a holding cell with a dozen other boys of various ages the panic-stricken boy retreats to the safety of the back of the cage.
“Thank you!” Hemy cries as she sinks to the floor next to the beast that was once her favorite big brother.