Journal Entry 103

Apparently, people object to being told what they can or cannot do with their lives. I try to be a good leader but sometimes it seems I jump the gun and forget that other people have opinions. With that said, I held a meeting to discuss “Bliss” with everyone that lives in Bear Country. Most people attended. Pete discussed the proposed no drug use policy inside of Bear Country. Marty, Gretchen and Cecelia gave a wonderful talk on the pitfalls of using drugs. The journal club helped by making the fliers and pictures for the presentation. It seems I prematurely banned the use of “Bliss” inside of Bear Country. I was so caught up in the illegal drug issue that it didn’t occur to me that I should take a vote.

The citizen of Bear Country voted to:
1. Ban the use of “Bliss” inside of Bear Country.
2. Anyone caught using “Bliss” inside of Bear Country will be asked to stop their use.
3. If they can not stop using “Bliss” they will be asked to leave Bear Country.
4. Anyone caught selling “Bliss” inside of Bear Country will be asked to leave immediately.

Casey made it back to Bear Country safely. I still do not know who she went to see or why.

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