Journal Entry 104

Casey once again left on her trip thru the bad part of town to see her undisclosed friend. I asked where she was going and whom was she seeing. She said it wasn’t any of my business. I am trying hard not to be noisy but curiosity and concern for Aleece has me a little suspicious. I guess I should be happy that she asks me to take care of Aleece while she is away.

Aleece , Lost and I traveled out to the Spurs Campsite to see Joshua. They have really built things up out there. They have fenced in a large part of the area where the cattle are grazing and have put up several buildings. Joshua said they have more plans for construction. He plans to build an entire fort. I can’t wait to see it. I guess this means they plan to stay for a long time. I’m glad because I like Joshua he is a good leader.

After lunch, Aleece and I accompanied Joshua to town for supplies. Everything was going well until we decided to stop for a drink at one of the local bars. We were sitting at a comfortable table, enjoying our drinks and having a nice conversation when three men dressed in black walked into the bar. They demanded to see the proprietor. The proprietor came out and invited the men to the back room. Joshua and I looked at each. Should we leave, should we stay? I need to learn to make decisions more quickly. Just as we were getting ready to pay our tab the proprietor was hurled back thru the door. He crashed into the tables on the other side of the room.

I picked up Aleece and Joshua paid the tab. All I heard was “We want the drugs or payment.” We were half way down the street a minute later.

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