Journal Entry 106

Casey returned to Bear Country sometime in the middle of the night. She didn’t even drop in my room to get Aleece. On the way down to breakfast Aleece and I stopped by Casey’s room. Casey was sleeping on her bed, still in her clothes. She looked as if she had crawled thru a swamp. For a brief moment, I thought of waking her up. A large pitcher of ice water would do it. I changed my mind; I didn’t want Aleece to see me yell at her mom.

Down at breakfast Aleece and I ran into Tony and Scat. Tony was making pancakes. I asked him “what was the occasion.” He said he was just in the mood. While eating breakfast Scat informed us that he didn’t want to be called Scat. He wanted to be called “Victor.” Tony and I looked at each other. It was one of those moments when you are not sure what to say. I asked Scat why Victor. He said it was what his brother used to call him. I didn’t even know Scat had a brother and apparently neither did Tony. The both of us, in unison said “You have a brother?” Scat (Victor) said he had a big brother named Price and that he was part of a bike tribe called the Devils of Lancaster. Victor said his brother was going to come back for him when he got bigger and could be initiated into the tribe. Tony found Scat on our door step dirty and hungry. He had no idea that Scat was dropped off at Bear Country by his big brother. I had no idea. Another mystery solved.

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