Journal Entry 108

I attended a tribal meeting with several of the local tribe leaders. It shouldn’t be a surprise but the local leaders are split on the “Bliss” issue. The meeting was loud, noisy and violent. I left with an excruciating headache and a sore hand from punching one of the other tribal leaders. In my defense, he swung at me first. All I said was that “Bliss” was going to shrink his already little brain. Nothing was accomplished except to draw definite lines between those who think “Bliss” is a menace and those who think “Bliss” is just a recreational drug that helps make life tolerable.

“Bliss” posters have been posted all over town encouraging its use. I was so angry after the meeting that I tore down several posters on my way back to Bear Country. To make matters even worse, as I was walking through the center of town I noticed A tribe called the Black Cobras handing out free samples of “Bliss” to anyone who wanted to try it.
In only a couple of days the little Bliss Kiosks has grown into an entire building with Black Cobra guards posted out front. Apparently, you have to be a member to enter. The line to get in was half way down the block.

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