Journal Entry 121

I waited for ever. At least it felt like forever. A couple of days. I had almost convinced myself that I wasn’t going to get the information on where and when the meeting was going to be held. I had to make excuses about a dozen times over the last couple of days on why I couldn’t leave Bear Country. About 3 am yesterday morning I hear a knock on my door. A runner hands me a note with a destination and the word NOW! He’s gone before I could say thank you or get more information.

I arrive at the destination printed on the note only to be blindfolded and taken somewhere else after I arrived. It was an apartment somewhere. Not on the first floor. I think we went up four flights of stairs. I lost count. It’s hard to climb stairs blindfolded. The apartment was blacked out. Candles lit the room. I counted twenty people. Some of which I have never seen. Tribe leaders from a part of town I never adventure into. When we arrived, we were told not to talk to each other? A few head nods were exchanged when you recognized someone. We mostly stared at each other. Hess walked into the room and said that what she had to say wasn’t up for debate. We could follow her battle plan or leave now and fight the Black Cobras on our own. Each of us was given a piece of paper with instruction on what our tribe was expected to do. Hess insisted we not share information with each other. After the meeting we were blinded folded again and returned to our original destinations.

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