Journal Entry 21

A message was sent to me today from Matt. He is inside the central campus and it sounds like he is doing fine.

I hope everyone is doing fine, especially my brother Jonas. Tell him I’m sorry about the eye. I lost my balance on that last blow. Oh and my chin will recover in the next day or two. I have access to most of the central campus but a couple of the areas are heavily guarded. Good news, tell Tony I know where Scat is. I saw him earlier today. He is a slave. Haven’t had the chance to talk to him. The slaves are kept under guard except when they are needed to work. I am certain the other lost boys are here as well. Wrestling seems to be very big here on the central campus. People are continuously challenging each other to duals. I have been able to avoid being challenged because I am currently not considered a threat, probably because I am not interested in making rank. The higher the rank the more privileges you have and the better food you eat. Hope to be home soon.
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