Journal Entry 23

Journal Entry 23

Sheriff Pete and Tony retrieved another note from Matt.
Not everyone is happy with the way the Hulk runs the Central
Campus. This is a good thing. Matt got in an argument this morning
with someone trying to take his breakfast. The bully was trying to
prove to his pals that he was big and tough. Matt won the argument
after a knock down fight.
Matt made some friends. One in particular, a girl named Hemy.
She said that there are people at Central that do not like the Hulk or his
goons. The Hulk and his inner circle have most of the people who live
at Central afraid. Food and a place to sleep seem to be the strongest
reasons why people stay. Others stay because they enjoy the wrestling
tournaments and that way of life. Central reminds me of the stories I
heard when I was young about the gladiators. The guards force people
to fight as the Hulk and his goons watch. Matt said there are 10 goons
in the Hulks inter circle.

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