Journal Entry 40

Joshua and his tribe were wonderful hosts. The dinner was excellent. I am so glad I am not a vegetarian because that steak I ate was heaven. I don’t even feel guilty about the cow that once was. Maybe a little guilty but not enough to want to save the next cow that might end up on my plate. The evening outdoors was also excellent. It was a perfect evening. The stars seemed so bright. Brighter than usual and the weather was gorgeous. People surrounded the camp fires in groups of around twenty. The spurs have some very interesting stories to tell. Some of them were very funny. I like these people, they are polite and they make me laugh. They do talk a little funny but you get used to it. I am really hoping they stay around a while and it’s not because I find Joshua cute and that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. (For a brief moment I thought he had a girlfriend but it turned out to be his sister.) I actually don’t think I have a chance. I can always hope. I want the spurs to hang around because they add something different to this community and they have a large supply of beef. Just kidding about the large supply of beef. No, not kidding about the large supply of beef. I am not sure how long they plan to stay or if they might decide to homestead here. Homestead is a funny word. The spurs say a lot of funny words. I find the way they talk appealing. I am not sure why. The night lasted into the early morning hours. Most people fell asleep where they were sitting. A few of them couldn’t have walked home if they wanted to. The spurs have a large supply of alcohol on hand. Joshua said it was for special occasions and last night was a special occasion.

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