Journal Entry 41

It’s been a lazy day. Bear Country is quiet. Probably because people are still hanging out at the Spurs Campsite. I was going to go myself but decided to catch up on some missing sleep. I found an abandoned puppy today when I took out the garbage. She is so scrawny. I didn’t see her mom anywhere. I am thinking that she has probably been gone a while because the puppy is nothing but skin and bones. At first, I was just going to leave her there next to the garbage. I really wasn’t in the mood to take on another responsibility. She tried to follow me as I walked away. She has the most pitiful eyes. I tried to shoo her away but she wasn’t listening. She just kept following me. I went back into the school and that scrawny little puppy started to cry. There is almost nothing worse than a crying puppy. I opened the back door and in she walked. In my most stern voice I said “You can’t stay here.” She wagged that little pitiful tail and looked at me with those pitiful eyes. It was really sad. I picked her up into my arms. She smelled awful. It was bad. I couldn’t send her out in public to find a new home smelling that way so I gave her a bath and a meal. It would have been rude of me to send her on her way without a full stomach. She looked as if she had eaten in a while. After her tummy was full, she fell asleep on the rug next to my bed. As soon as she is awake I am going to find her a good home.

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