Journal Entry 42

I was sitting in my chair, feet propped up on the window-sill, looking out my window watching the day go by when I saw something frightening. Gretchen, Marty and Cecelia were in the yard dressed in western clothing. They never leave the library. Ok, sometimes they leave but the library is their world. They read, they do research, their smart and analytical. It’s just weird. I know that trends come and go. I have noticed an increase of western wear on Lafayette Blvd. The Spurs have become a big influence on the tribes that live in bear country. The Spurs are unique and different but there are some people that you just don’t expect to be influenced by trends. Curiosity was killing me. I had to know what was going on in their minds. Perhaps they had been infected by some virus brought on by the large herd of cattle residing on the edge of town. They obviously weren’t thinking with the smart side of their brains. I grabbed the puppy sleeping on my rug. (technically, it’s not my puppy, I just haven’t found it a new home yet.) Any way, I followed the library trio to the edge of town, to the Spurs Campsite. I almost had a heart attack. Music was playing, people were dancing. People were Square Dancing. Let me say that a little slower…SQUARE DANCING. This just isn’t normal. People in bear country don’t square dance. They listen to heavy metal, rock and rap music.

I walked around, mostly in a daze. Gretchen, Marty and Cecilia joined a group of dancers. It wasn’t long before several other members of my tribe began to dance. The virus was obviously spreading and it was taking over my tribe.

That’s when it happened. Joshua tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to dance. I stared at him a moment. I tried to tell him that I don’t square dance but he wouldn’t let me say no. Before I knew what was happening, we were Square dancing.

Joshua invited me back tomorrow.

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