Journal Entry 43

Sometimes we have to make hard decisions. I over-heard Matt and Hemy discussing their living arrangements. I wasn’t trying to ease drop but their discussion wasn’t a quiet one. Matt wants Hemy to move into Bear Country and Hemy wants Matt to move into Central. Hemy doesn’t want to give up her position as tribe leader. I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t want to give up being tribe leader either. I am hoping they can come to some sort of neutral ground. They are the cutest couple and they seem so happy. At least they seemed happy before their loud discussion earlier.

I am going out on a date with Joshua. He promises this date won’t involve square dancing or roping cattle. I don’t have anything against those things but they are not in my top ten favorite things to do.

Speaking about roping cattle apparently Pete and Jonas are getting very good at it. Joshua said they are a quick study. They both have stopped falling off their horses and their bruise count

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