Journal Entry 48

The raids to scatter the cattle continue on the Spurs Campsite. Joshua is extremely irritated. He wants the guilty parties captured. Last night one of his tribe members was an arms-length away from capturing one of the raiders. At first, I thought maybe it was someone playing games to see if they could scatter the cattle but now, I am thinking it is probably something more sinister. Hopefully, we will have the answers soon.

Little Aleece is still doing well but I am thinking she is probably starting to miss her Mom. Casey has been gone for a few days (although no time limit was set) I am hoping she will return home soon.

Lost is doing well. She didn’t even have an accident in my room last night. She has started sleeping under the babies cradle instead of on my bed. It’s kind of funny but I think Lost is trying to protect Aleece. She lets out a little bark whenever someone walks by my room. Joshua said I shouldn’t let her do that. He said the barking will become an annoyance when she gets older. Joshua is going to come by later and show me something better to teach her.

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