Journal Entry 49

Scat brought me a flyer this morning. It was an announcement to join a new tribe. They call themselves THE TRIBE or The Heroes of the Earth Tribe. The flyer was asking people to be a part of the NEW PACE (New Established World Order that Prevents Animal Capture and Exploitation). Does this sound suspicious to you? Curiosity was killing me so I took my new brightly colored flyer and walked out to the Spurs to see Joshua. By the time I had arrived he had already been given a flyer of his own. Joshua was certain The Tribe was behind all of his recent troubles. Not wanting to point fingers right away I suggested that we go to town and check out this new tribe. I thought it might be a good idea if we talked to THE TRIBE leader. It could be a coincidence that this new tribe showed up at around the same time Joshua and his tribe starting having raider troubles.

Joshua and I went to town it wasn’t long before we ran into several members of THE TRIBE. they were handing out more flyers and giving their speeches about saving all animals. Humans are destroying the delicate balance of nature. Apparently if we don’t stop eating animal flesh (their words, not mine) and exploiting animals for our own selfish reasons the Earth will continue to destroy all humans.

I consider myself an open-minded woman. People should be able to live their lives in pretty much anyway they choose. They’re a cult!!!! A weird cult. I don’t have anything against anyone that is a vegetarian. Some people can’t stomach the thought of eating meat. I think that is pretty normal. THE TRIBE don’t seem that normal. Joshua and I asked one of THE TRIBE members if we could talk to their leader. They greeted us very friendly and said that Father and Mother will be holding a meeting later in the evening we were welcome to attend. This should bring up another red flag. Any tribe that addresses their tribal leaders as Mother and Father….I am just not going to complete that thought.

Joshua and I have a date. Should be fun.

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