Journal Entry 51

The first thing I noticed about THE TRIBE tribe members is that they all dressed pretty much the same. Same drab brown clothes, not much in the jewelry selection, except for Mother and Father and they both wore the same medallion around their necks. I am thinking it’s their symbol of authority. Ever wonder why people who are trying to save the Earth always wear boring clothes? You never see any brightly colored outfits, with outlandish jewelry. Everything is earthtone. With one exception, this time everyone in THE TRIBE tribe have stripped red hair. I am sure that is a symbol of something.

Joshua and I were sitting in the back of the tent. Father and Mother entered, they walked slowly to the podium, a hand was raised and out of nowhere voices from within the tent loudly stated “New Pace, New Pace, New Pace”. Let’s recap a little just incase you forgot what NEW PACE stands for. I actually had to ask Joshua. He had the flyer. NEW ESTABLISHED WORLD order that PREVENTS ANIMAL CAPTURE AND EXPLOITATION. I almost fell out of my chair. I didn’t realize a tribe member was standing directly behind me. I think I now have hearing loss in my right ear.

It was a very sweet welcoming statement to everyone in attendance. Then the sermon began. At least it felt like a sermon to me. I was expecting everyone to break out in song and then fall to their knees and beg forgiveness for offending mother Earth. Joshua kept looking at me and rolling his eyes. I could tell that he was touched by the sermon as much as I was. The sermon lasted a good 45 minutes, maybe less but it felt like at least that long. Mother and Father exited the tent as slowly as they entered then another TRIBE member took the podium. He gave an invitation to those moved by the sermon to join THE HEROS of the EARTH TRIBE. Apparently, Mother and Father were making an honest effort to spread the word thru out the world and gain new members on the way.

Joshua and I weren’t interested in joining this quaint little cult but we were interested in talking to Mother and Father. Joshua and I left the tent and went searching for answers . You can always tell where the leaders are hanging out. They are usually in the tent with all the guards on the outside. We headed towards the tent but didn’t get very close before we were stopped.

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