Journal Entry 54

The Heroes of the Earth Tribe continuing to recruit. They seem to be praying on lonely souls who don’t have a cause or a place to call their own. I find it odd, strange that people would find what The Heroes of the Earth Tribe have to say as credible. Oh well, we each have to choose our own paths in life.

Joshua with the help of Pete and his deputies continue to look for the raiders. I am certain that Joshua will show no mercy to any raider that is caught. The raids on the cattle continue. With the exception of the one night when a raider was almost caught, Joshua and his tribe are no closer at discovering who is doing the awful deed.

The library trio (Marty, Gretchen and Cecelia) stopped by to see me again today. They suggested some activities that I might try with Aleece that will help to increase her intelligence. These guys are so sweet, in a brainy sort of way. They have been spending more time out of the library than usual. Up until recently I only saw them once every couple of weeks. I guess they are enjoying the sunshine and the square dancing at the Spurs Campsite. I think Gretchen and Cecelia are actually putting on a little weight. The sunshine has added a little color to their cheeks. Marty has a certain look to him that I have not seen before. He looks proud and happy. He is walking taller, like Pete used to walk when he was newly elected sheriff of Bear Country.

I haven’t seen Jonas in a while I think he is staying out at the Spurs campsite. Matt and Hemy are playing house at Central. I actually haven’t seen them in days either. Central has returned to normal. It is a productive tribe again. It was a wise decision to elect Hemy as their leader. She is responsible, fair and an overall good person.

I have Aleece all day today again. Lisa is out playing a gig with her band. I keep looking for Casey to return. I have found myself occasionally staring out my window looking to see if she is walking up the lawn. Aleece needs her Mom. I am not complaining. Aleece is an easy baby and there are people here who can help me out. Tony has been a tremendous help but still Aleece needs her mom. Although, now that I think about it. It was fun pretending to be her Mom while we were out shopping.

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