Journal Entry 56

I spent most of the morning looking for someone to watch Aleece for me. Lisa said she was busy. I asked just about everyone in Bear Country if they could help. No one seemed to have any free time on their hands. So I bundled up Aleece and took her to Central to see if Hemy wouldn’t mind helping out. Luckily, when I arrived Hemy and Matt weren’t in the middle of a romantic interlude. Hemy gladly agreed to watch Aleece for me. Although Matt, gave me that I had plans to be with my love look. How much time can two people actually spend in bed with each other anyway without getting bored or sore from lying in bed.

I went to the jail to see how things were going there. Pete, Jonas and Joshua were still trying to get information out of our raider. He still wasn’t talking. By the time I arrived Joshua was getting irritated and impatient. It was obvious that they had already smacked their jailbird around a little, maybe a lot. Joshua had the raider pinned to the wall, yelling at him. The raider had a swollen eye and was bleeding from the mouth. Pete and Jonas were standing nearby. I guess they had already had their turn. Pete is the Sherriff of Bear Country and I don’t have a lot of say on how he runs his jail but it didn’t look as if they were going to get any information out of this guy.

I stepped up to the bars and asked if I could talk to the three of them. They were annoyed that I was disturbing the process and they asked me to leave. I wasn’t going to leave. So, I stood there until they stopped what they were doing. It’s a male ego thing. Men can’t seem to beat up another person when they think a woman is condemning them for their actions.

Pete, Jonas, Joshua and I had a heated discussion about their prisoner and the best way to get information. I think I made my point that killing him was a bad idea. A couple of days spent alone without food or water usually helps someone remember details they previously have forgotten.

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