Journal Entry 57

Little Aleece is sleeping. She had a long day with Hemy at the Central Campus. I’ve had a long day too. I can’t seem to shut off my brain to get some sleep. The Heroes of the Earth tribe have put flyers up all over bear country. They continue to hold meetings in the big tent. Their newness is wearing off. I’ve noticed that they aren’t attracting as many people as they did on the first day.

The captured raider remains in jail. Pete has posted guards to make sure he doesn’t go anywhere. Joshua and his tribe the Spurs continue to look for answers. He is still certain that the Heroes of the Earth tribe are behind his troubles. Joshua is considering taking his tribe and leaving Bear Country to get away from the troubles here. I’m not sure that leaving is going to help his troubles. If there are more raiders out there and I personally believe there could be then leaving Bear Country isn’t going to help.

Pete, Jonas, Joshua and I went to speak to The Heroes of the Earth tribe leaders again. Father’s calm voice seriously gets on my nerves. He can’t seem to just answer the question. He has to give a sermon. I wanted to reach out and ring his neck. He continues to insist that his tribe has no affiliation with the raiders. Actually, what he said was that the raiders are not members of his tribe. I am thinking that he is having someone else do his dirty work. Something funny, Lost followed me to the Heroes of the Earth tribe. She doesn’t like Father. She barked and barked. I had to tie her to a tree so that we could have our meeting with Father. I think Lost knows he is not a good person.

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