Journal Entry 94

Tribal wars are a fact of life. They occur probably on a daily basis. Not so much around Bear Country but the farther away you get the more likely you will stumble into something dangerous. Most of the conflicts are small but occasionally things get out of hand. The conflicts occur because two or more tribes want to have control over something, the block, the local grocery or the mail route. The list of conflicts and the reasons for those conflicts could fill an entire encyclopedia. We try to avoid conflicts these days by forming Tribe Associations. Local tribe leaders join associations to work out their problems. Of course, sometimes the different Tribe Associations have conflicts and difficulties.

Lost and I were on our walk yesterday and we stumbled across a burned out building. 400 Mason St used to be a Mail Depot. That fire took a lot of lives. Mail carriers are a unique breed. They take their jobs and their positions in the community very seriously. The mail war was the largest tribal war to take place in this area. This war didn’t just involve the mail carriers it involved everyone in the community. Tribe USA and Tribe UPS both wanted complete control over the local mail routes.

In the beginning after the virus mail delivery wasn’t possible until a couple of tribes decided to start mail depots. At first, delivery just occurred in the local area. If you lived on one side of Pass road, Tribe USA delivered your mail. If you lived on the other side of Pass road, Tribe UPS delivered your mail. Everything was going well. Getting mail became one of those special occasions that you looked forward to. People started writing mail to other people just so that they would get mail in return. The mail carriers continued to expand their businesses.

A tribal war began between Tribe USA and Tribe UPS when a letter was innocently delivered to the wrong mail depot. A tribe USA carrier delivered a letter to a tribe on the Tribe UPS’s side of Pass road. The Tribe UPS leader got angry that his turf was being invaded by the Tribe USA mail carriers. The war that occurred after that innocent mail delivery was deadly.

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