Journal Entry 95

I don’t have all the details of the mail war and this is only my recollection of what happened. The skirmishes between Tribe USA and Tribe UPS began small. At first, no one realized that there was even a problem. A couple of mail carriers had their mail bags stolen. This was one of the first efforts to keep the mail from being delivered. Tribe USA and Tribe UPS responded by sending their mail carriers out in teams instead of single mail carriers. This declined the number of stolen mail bags.

It didn’t matter what side of Pass Road you were from, if you were a mail carrier people worshipped you. People began to volunteer to be mail carriers. The more mail carriers there were the more locations could be covered. The tribe leaders from both tribe USA and tribe UPS both set their goals to cover a majority of the surrounding areas. A few other tribes attempted to set up mail depots to cover the surrounding mail routes but they were quickly put out of business. The mail kiosks were burnt down or the proprietor was beaten to discourage mail delivery at that particular location.

The mail carrier occupation was suddenly an extremely dangerous job to hold. People began to take sides with either Tribe USA or Tribe UPS. Small bands of sympathizers set out to destroy the opposing tribe’s mail carriers. Propaganda was spread detailing the awful deeds of Tribe USA and Tribe UPS. Fights suddenly became common place over which tribe was the actual victims in the mail war.

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