Journal Entry 96

The wearing of colors to support the mail carriers was suddenly the thing to do. And I have to admit that people in Bear Country took up this ritual. Tribe UPS delivered our mail. I knew most of the carriers and they were good people. As far as I was concerned the propaganda about the Tribe UPS carriers was all false. They weren’t capable of the atrocities they were accused of.

Billboards and signs began to appear all over town. “Support Tribe UPS” “Support Tribe USA” “Tribe UPS carriers steal your mail.” “Tribe USA wants to control your life” the billboards were everywhere and most of them had hate messages. Local businesses began to support either Tribe USA or Tribe UPS. If you wore the wrong color you weren’t allowed to enter. This began to make getting food and then necessities of life difficult. Friends began to argue with each other. Fights were breaking out all over town.

Protest rallies began to popup all over town. Protesters for Tribe USA and Tribe UPS would purposely schedule their rallies to be next to each other. It was a race to see who could get the most people to attend and yell the loudest at the opposing tribe. I attended some of these rallies. I barely escaped serious injury on more than one occasion.

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